Antichi Sapori, Cucina Tipica Abruzzese

Let your holidays at L’Antico Feudo agriturismo are once more delightful, thanks to our cooking! All our dishes are made according to the best traditional Abruzzese cooking, made using fruits and vegetables coming from our vegetable garden and with meat by our livestocks. We are known for our cold appetizers, including the omelette, the “ribattine” filled with bacon or in oil or pickle vegetables, or hot appetizers with our typical “pallotte casc’ e ova”.

Among our first corse there are the Maccheroni with Montepucliano del Feudo, the chitarra (a kind of pasta) with duck or the “sagne” with chickpea and bacon, fried garlic and dry pepper. Among the second courses, the piglet “in porchetta” or the classical lamb cookend in the oven with potatoes or the filled duck. All the roasted kind of meat are cooked into the wood oven, where are also cooked bread and focaccia bread.

And in the same oven it is also cooked the well known rustic focaccia or granny ‘Cietta’s cookies. Our wines are most of the times Montepulcinao and Trebbiano, by our agriturismo, but we also have other kind of excellent wines.


Agritourism L'Antico Feudo

The meals are usually concluded with fresh seasonal fruit, simple or in fruit salad, and a rich cart of sweets, including nacelle and pizzelle.

Menù suitable for all

Last but not last, fresh seasonal fruit and a rich sweets buffet, where you can find the typical “neole” or the “pizzelle”. Enjoy the Abruzzese cooking, it will be the perfect end of a pleasant stay in an agriturismo!

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